Automate. Collaborate. Scale. 

Geostack Features 

Geostack is a consolidated platform for automation and collaboration of earth observation (EO) data at scale. Geostack is a secure and adaptable data management solution designed to power critical decision making.

  • Aggregated Procurement with Premium Suppliers

  • Advanced Licensing (Government, Enterprise).

  • Advanced APIs (dedicated monitoring, streaming & collections)

  • Centralised Data Collection Management Service

  • Advanced User, Policy & Billing Management

  • Custom Ingestion & Processing of 3rd Party Datasets

  • Advanced Organisational Management Controls

  • Enterprise Customer Support

Why Geostack?


  • Automate your imagery procurement and data management with APIs for archive & tasking.


  • Geostack is a central access point to all of your organisation’s drone, aerial and satellite data in one platform.


  • Easily access the right satellite imagery from multiple vendors to gain spatial insights over your AOI.  

  • Streamline the procurement process to and avoid having to spend months negotiating access to different satellite operator archives and tasking services.


  • Maximise potential through streamlined data management through the cloud. 

  • Control department and team permissions and easily manage licensing terms from different vendors through advanced organisational controls and user management system


  • Flexible pricing plans optimise costs while scaling profitability. 

  • Geostack is customisable to various industries, allowing for operability in diverse markets and establishing market leadership.


  • Advanced visualisation tools empower users to visualise and share datasets within your team and other departments to develop data-driven insights and make informed decisions.

Learn more about Geostack

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