Arlula: Your Shortcut to Effortless Satellite Tasking

Effortlessly address the complexities of obtaining new satellite imagery. Arlula tasking streamlines the entire process with its integrated, user-friendly solution that offers market leading efficiency.

  • Automated Tasking.
  • Cloud-Based Storage and Access.
Task a Satellite for New Imagery

The Arlula Tasking platform offers a streamlined approach to acquiring new satellite imagery. Our integrated solution allows users to effortlessly place tasking orders, receive feasibility, pricing, and download imagery seamlessly all within the Arlula platform.

  • Simplified Satellite Tasking Across Sensors: Arlula Tasking simplifies the often complex process of ordering new satellite imagery, providing a comprehensive solution.

  • Diverse Dataset Collection: Arlula offers an extensive range of optical and SAR geospatial datasets sourced from leading satellite providers such as SIIS, BlackSky, LC60 & 21AT. 

  • Flexible Ordering Options: Tasking orders can be placed through our user-friendly console, APIs or Python SDK, providing adaptable and accessible means of interaction.

  • Cloud-Based Storage: Once acquired, tasked imagery is securely stored within Arlula’s cloud-based storage infrastructure, facilitating further analysis and streamlined sharing.

Use Cases

Infrastructure Encroachment Detection:

Monitor and identify potential encroachments on critical infrastructure.

Advanced Agriculture Management:

Enhance crop yields and optimise field utilisation through precision satellite imagery.

Pipeline Infrastructure Risk Management:

Mitigate risks associated with pipeline infrastructure effectively.

Innovative Land Management and Urban Planning Solutions:

Develop cutting-edge solutions for efficient land management and urban planning.

Environmental Risk Assessment:

Monitor deforestation patterns for comprehensive environmental risk assessment.

Optimised Construction Planning and Monitoring:

Enhance construction planning and monitoring processes through advanced satellite imagery.

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