Arlula for Government

  • Regulatory and Compliance

  • Policy Decision Making

  • Emergency Management and Response


The management of multiple licences within government departments and agencies has become a challenging endeavour hindered by cumbersome procurement processes. This inefficiency is inhibiting the effective monitoring of various industries, impeding regulatory compliance, and impacting the overall governance of public resources.

That is where Arlula’s Geostack comes in.

Geostack provides a solution to these pressing challenges. Arlula’s platform for centralised earth observation data procurement and management, enhances automation and provides tools to improve collaboration. Geostack helps government organisations to scale their data and power critical decisions.

  • Easily  access important data to make better decisions

  • Reduce risk in satellite imagery procurement by consolidating your vendor pipeline

  • Better oversight of your data allows for more effective utilisation and sharing within your team and broader organisation

Geostack Features

  • Aggregated Procurement with Premium Suppliers

  • Advanced Licensing (Government, Enterprise).

  • Advanced APIs (dedicated monitoring, streaming & collections)

  • Centralised Data Collection Management Service

  • Advanced User, Policy & Billing Management

  • Custom Ingestion & Processing of 3rd Party Datasets

  • Advanced Organisational Management Controls

  • Enterprise Customer Support

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