Imagery pricing

At Arlula, you only pay for the image you use.

The cost of satellite imagery is dependant on a number of factors including; resolution, license type, minimum order quantity (MOQ) and price per km. Below is a table outlining the imagery starting prices available via our catalog browser.

If you’d like to get specific pricing for a project, please use our catalog browser which will give you real time pricing. If you have any other enquiries please feel free to get in touch.


Sensor Operator GSD / Resolution ARD MOQ Price USD/km2
KOMPSAT-2 SIIS 100cm N 25km2 $4.00 USD
KOMPSAT-3 SIIS 50cm N 25km2 $8.00 USD
KOMPSAT-3A SIIS 40cm N 25km2 $8.00 USD
WORLDVIEW-2 MAXAR 50cm Y 1km2 $5.00 USD
WORLDVIEW-3 MAXAR 30cm Y 1km2 $5.00 USD
WORLDVIEW-4 MAXAR 30cm Y 1km2 $5.00 USD
GeoEye-1 MAXAR 40cm Y 1km2 $5.00 USD
QuickBird MAXAR 60cm Y 1km2 $5.00 USD
Triplesat 21AT 80cm N 1km2 $15.00 USD
SSTL-S1 4 LC60 80cm Y 1km2 $6.00 USD