Arlula solutions for Mining

  • Site Monitoring

  • Mapping

  • Data distribution


Historically, mining organisations have faced challenges in procuring data from multiple vendors at scale, which has led to business units purchasing EO data independently. This ultimately creates inefficiencies and ineffective data management within the organisation. There was previously no straightforward or efficient method for sharing data between teams and external stakeholders.

That is where Arlula’s Geostack platform comes in.

Geostack provides a solution to these challenges. Arlula’s primary focus is streamlining the procurement, management, and distribution of earth observation data across your organisation. With enhanced automation and tools to improve collaboration, Geostack helps industry organisations to scale their data and power critical decisions.

With Geostack :

  • Reduced site risk by sharing the latest satellite data across teams

  • Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness

  • The centralised platform reduces expenses, leaving more room in your budget for more data

Geostack Features

  • Aggregated Procurement with Premium Suppliers

  • Advanced Licensing (Government, Enterprise).

  • Advanced APIs (dedicated monitoring, streaming & collections)

  • Centralised Data Collection Management Service

  • Advanced User, Policy & Billing Management

  • Custom Ingestion & Processing of 3rd Party Datasets

  • Advanced Organisational Management Controls

  • Enterprise Customer Support

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