Optimizing your satellite imagery searches can be achieved by using a number of simple strategies, including the following:

  1. Draw an accurate AOI or upload your polygon AOI file. More accurate AOI’s can mean you have fewer partial scenes in your search result and retrieve more accurate search results. Simply upload an AOI polygon file (kml or similar) or manually draw a polygon over your desired AOI.
  2. Set a short date range. If you use large date ranges in your searches you will likely receive many search results that are not suitable. Shorter date ranges will give you better targeted results and reduce the likelihood of hitting the search result limits.
  3. Select your resolution. The satellite imagery in our network consists of a variety of resolutions. By using our “Advanced Search” menu, you’re able to select a specific resolution which allows you to filter our imagery that may not be useful for your requirements.
  4. Sorting results. Some imagery searches will provide many results, even if you use the advanced search functions listed above. To help find the imagery you’ need, a sort function is provided above the search results panel on the left, helping you prioritise your results.