Senior Full Stack Developer 

Help innovate the way we understand and monitor our world from space.

The role

We are seeking an experienced and driven full stack software developer to assist in the development of our Earth imaging platform. Arlula helps organisations and individuals to more easily and affordably discover, manage & utilise the latest satellite imagery and Earth Observation data from  anywhere around the world.  By making this type of data more accessible, Arlula will help to address real world challenges by allowing people to better monitor our planet from space.

We offer an opportunity for the right candidate to demonstrate their technical expertise, collaboration skills and leadership capabilities by working in our multidisciplinary team to solve some of the most complex and challenging issues in the Earth observation and satellite imaging industry. Addressing problems of image processing, calibration, validation, indexation, discovery, distribution, analysis and visualisation of datasets..

The right candidate should be a proactive self starter who can demonstrate their collaboration, leadership and project management capabilities. They should be comfortable working with statically typed programming languages both server side and client side. Comfortable working with server side rendering and configuration driven application domains. Plus are eager to grow their knowledge of both software development and the Earth Observation sector and its various applications and stakeholders.

Job Title: Senior Full Stack Developer.
Job Type: Full-time.
Location: 477 Pitt Street, Haymarket NSW 2000.

As a Senior Full Stack Developer, you will:

  • Lead small, focused internal technical projects and liaise with internal and external stakeholders,
  • Work with the CTO and Head of Product management to implement development strategies for new product feature sets,
  • Work with a team to extend and maintain web based user interfaces and those built to integrate with other applications, to ensure consistency and clarity for users,
  • Assist in the planning, design and implementation of new elements and features of the web interfaces,
  • Work with a team to extend and maintain API and application servers, to ensure correctness and performance,
  • Aid in building integrations with external partners to both ingest and egress data to and from the platform,
  • Work with our science team to design and implement and extend our infrastructure for imagery processing and distribution,
  • Assist in the production of documentation and technical resources regarding the use and products of the systems,
  • Field customer enquiries about the platform, and any issues customers experience interacting with it or its output artefacts.

Skills and Experience required


Applicants with diplomas or bachelors in software development, science, mathematics and remote sensing are particularly encouraged to apply. 

Required Experience: 

  • 4+ years of relevant software development experience,
  • Statically typed programming,
  • General Web Development:
    • server side programming,
    • client side application programming (ideally in TypeScript).
  • Foundational & general cloud computing principles & design methodologies,
  • Experience with at least one major cloud provider (AWS, Azure, GCP),
  • Written technical communication (documentation, technical reports, etc),
  • Git version control and branching model,
  • Familiarity with building static sites, and
  • Familiarity with server side rendering techniques.

Preferred Experience:

  • Have built for client side web without the use of JS frameworks,
  • Experience working with server side rendering technologies, static site rendering or similar technologies,
  • UI/UX design experience,
  • Experience with the Go(lang) programming language,
  • Experience with TailwindCSS or similar utility based CSS frameworks,
  • Experience with web mapping libraries like OpenLayers,
  • Experience with git submodules.


  • A strong communicator who is able to understand different contexts, environments and business needs,
  • Self directed and action oriented,
  • Creative and curious about a broad diversity of topics, 
  • Detail oriented, 
  • Enjoys problem solving, 
  • Enjoys working in multidisciplinary fields, 
  • Passion for new space industry

What is Arlula?

Arlula is a fast growing space technology startup building software infrastructure for the Earth Observation (EO) sector. Thousands of people and companies are now using Arlula to manage their satellite operations and/or to build apps that can monitor the impact we have on our planet from space.

We are passionate about creating new commercial opportunities in the quickly evolving commercial space industry. We work with a range of international space agencies including NASA and ESA, as well as commercial satellite operators such as Blacksky, SIIS, LatConnect60 and others. Our customers make use of our solutions across a range of industries for things such as agriculture, bushfire monitoring, insurance assessment, environmental planning and journalism.

Why join Arlula?

  • We are fully funded and growing fast, we have organically 30x’d our platform usage throughout 2023,
  • We are backed by some of Australia’s leading VC’s,
  • Take advantage of a rare opportunity to engage and shape a rapidly evolving space technology industry,
  • Engage with users across a variety of industries and see the positive impact your work has first hand,
  • Excel in an inclusive and flexible work environment,
  • You’ll receive a competitive salary that will scale as the company grows,
  • We can also provide further training for the right candidate.

Interested in applying?

If this is something that seems interesting to you and you think you’ll be a good fit, please send your resume, Portfolio and a Cover letter to us at