Axelspace and Arlula Announce Integration for Enhanced Satellite Imagery Access

[Sydney, 16 May 2023] Arlula, a leading platform for accessing satellite data, is excited to announce its partnership with Axelspace, a leading Japanese provider and a pioneer of microsatellite technology.

Through this collaboration, Axelspace’s cutting-edge microsatellite imagery is now seamlessly integrated and readily available on the Arlula platform, offering users unparalleled access to high-quality geospatial data.

Leveraging innovative technology and a commitment to excellence, Axelspace delivers valuable insights across various industries, including agriculture, , environmental monitoring, and disaster response. Operating a five satellite constellation in orbit, Axelspace received a significant Series D funding in late 2023 to expand its space capabilities.

Axelspace’s microsatellites are compact yet powerful, equipped with advanced imaging sensors that deliver high-resolution imagery of Earth’s surface at a fraction of the cost of traditional satellites and support diverse applications. Their cost-effectiveness and modular design make satellite imagery more accessible to a broader range of users and industries, empowering governments, businesses, researchers, and humanitarian organisations to address various challenges and opportunities with timely and detailed information.

“We are thrilled to welcome Axelspace to the Arlula ecosystem,” said Sebastian Chaoui, CEO at Arlula. “Their commitment to delivering rapid satellite imagery aligns perfectly with our goal of providing comprehensive access to satellite data. Together, we can empower users across industries to unlock new insights and drive innovation.”

By joining forces with Arlula, Axelspace expands its reach and accessibility, empowering users worldwide to harness the power of satellite imagery for diverse applications. Arlula’s platform provides a user-friendly interface for discovering, accessing, and analysing satellite data, streamlining the process of obtaining critical information for informed decision-making.

“Providing timely and easy access to our satellite data to more people is key to realising our vision of ‘Space within Your Reach.’ We look forward to collaborating with Arlula, which provides comprehensive access to satellite data through its top-notch ecosystem.” said Tatsuhiko Fukasawa, Director of Axelspace and Head of the AxelGlobe Business Division.

Through this integration, users can access Axelspace’s satellite imagery directly through the Arlula platform, enabling seamless integration into existing workflows and applications. With a vast library of up-to-date imagery covering diverse geographic regions, users can explore, analyse, and extract valuable insights to support their objectives.

To explore the Arlula platform and access Axelspace’s imagery, start your search here.