How to Download Order Resources


In this tutorial we’ll be showing you how to download individual resources associated with your orders.

After you place an order from Arlula’s global network of satellite imagery, it will often be delivered to you in a bundle of files, the specifics of which depend on the supplier and type of imagery you ordered. Not all bundled files are available straight away, so Arlula allows you to access any of these specific resources via your account. This gives you flexibility and control over the data you acquire.

What you’ll need:
Access to the Arlula API account login or signup page.

 Step 1

Sign into the Arlula API dashboard with your account details.
If you’re new to Arlula, you’ll need to create an account, this is a fairly simple process that should only take a few minutes.

  1. Visit and create an account.
  2. Once you signup you’ll receive a confirmation email from us. If you cannot find it make sure to check your spam folder.

Step 2

Open your order history via the link in the left sidebar

Step 3

Find the order you want to download resources from, we’ll be looking at a free landsat order here, and click “Details” on the right hand end.

(if you cant see your order and it was placed via an API, make sure you are a member of the team it was assigned too)

Step 5

On this page you can review details about the order, and find a list of all the resources (files) that are part of this order. An example is shown below. Clicking the download button beside any of these resources will download that specific file to your system.

The “Download all” button at the top will create a new download for all the files in the order (note: some browsers block this, or ask permission before allowing it).

Note: An order with a status other than “Complete” will not have any resources listed, as they are not available from the supplier yet.

If you have any questions about this specific tutorial or would like to learn more please feel free to contact the Arlula team at