Arlula Teams Up with BlackSky to Offer On-Demand Real Time Space Based Intelligence

Arlula is thrilled to announce a transformative partnership with BlackSky, a leading provider of space-based geospatial intelligence. BlackSky designs, owns and operates one of the industry’s leading low Earth orbit small satellite constellations, optimised to capture imagery cost-efficiently where and when customers need it. 

Our collaboration empowers users to harness the full potential of Arlula’s Geostack Terra, unlocking a wealth of rapid insights from space that can drive innovation across industries. Unlike legacy imaging satellites, BlackSky’s on-demand constellation is deployed in mid-inclined orbits that can image a single location multiple times in a day from dawn to dusk, ensuring high temporal diversity in collection and showing events as they are happening.

At the core of this partnership lies the commitment to simplify access to data for critical data decision making faster than ever before. Arlula developed an integration between BlackSky’s Spectra AI cloud-platform and Arlula’s Geostack Terra to create a fully automated process with no human or manual handling in the entire process. This provides  organisations with the tools they need to make well-informed decisions rapidly and efficiently. 

At the heart of the BlackSky-Arlula collaboration lies the commitment to allow customers to task BlackSky imagery directly and autonomously from their desktop or mobile device and receive high-resolution imagery within hours, not days or weeks.

The partnership offers a swift and efficient tasking process that empowers a diverse range of customers in Government, public safety, mining, environment, construction, and disaster response to effortlessly request and access premium imagery and data from global sources. This advancement significantly reduces the time and effort required for data acquisition, enabling businesses to make critical decisions faster than ever before.

Leveraging Arlula’s intuitive interface and BlackSky’s robust satellite constellation, this collaboration accelerates progress and unlocks a multitude of opportunities for enterprises to drive growth and global impact. By employing Arlula’s consolidated platform alongside BlackSky’s advanced satellite capabilities, enterprise customers are armed with a wealth of insights and data-driven tools for decision-making. 

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